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Bolan Enterprises are stevedores and cargo handlers offering services at all the sea ports and inland ports of Pakistan. 

The modern transport sector in Pakistan is in its embryonic stage at the moment and Pakistan is developing at the great speed and making its influence in the region. In the south Asian region, Pakistan is one of the big economies and a country with more than 200 million people. Pakistan has a coastal area of around 1200 kilometers on the Arabian Sea. There are more than eight small and big sea ports in the coastal region of Pakistan.

Pakistan has three big sea ports named as Karachi Port, Muhammad Bin Qasim port, and Gwadar port. Port of Muhammad Bin Qasim is the oldest port while the Karachi port is the busiest one. The Port of Gwadar is newly developed deep sea port and one of the deepest ports across the globe with a depth that can handle 16-meter deep cargo ship. There are several ports which are under consideration and the feasibility for the Keti Bunder as a Fish Harbour is currently under way. Pakistan has strategic routes to several countries in the regions including Kashmir, Western China, Afghanistan and central Asian Republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Karachi Port is the hub of Pakistan’s major trading through the sea as 98 percent of the overall international trade is conducted through this port.Although the port Qasim is one of the oldest ports but currently it is kind of a dedicated port for Pakistan Steel Mills to fulfill the increasing demand of coal, it was determined to assemble a sea port some 35 kilometers west of Karachi.

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